donderdag 24 februari 2011


Ohhh sometimes I like to do this to someone too, are'nt we all kids?

 Love Charlotte


Are we?

Love Charlotte

Polish construction workers

In a supermarket in Antwerp I saw a group of constructionworkers, togheter they where a funny group to see because they are where verry diffrent but wearing the same clothes. Too bad no one spoke English, they probably where all Polish, only this guy understood it and agreed with a picture.

Love Charlotte

Seeing red

I found the red person in Antwerp! I already found purple, yellow and olive green persons, shame on me I only have pictures from the red and olive green persons because I was to late or to shy to ask them.

Love Charlotte


I saw this man in Antwerp, he could be from a movie, haha, I don't even know his name.. 

Love Charlotte


Katerina was one of the partyanimals in Antwerp, known for her dressing up.

Love Charlotte


Lotte was the owner of the house in Antwerp where they had the valentines party, I like her own style.

Love Charlotte

maandag 21 februari 2011


When I came back from Rotterdam I saw those boys, which turned out to be twins, thay almost whore the same clothes, backpacks, shoes and hats, I kinda was amazed by that, unfortunately I forgot to asked their names..
Normally when people dress their twin the same I'm kinda amazed, because I think that the kids won't develop their own personality, but as you may can see, they don't.

Love Charlotte

donderdag 17 februari 2011


This man, called Ray, was lost in Antwerpen, he could not find the house of his friend and so he asked us if we knew the way, we didn't. Instead I took some pictures of him.

Love Charlotte

Wendy van Bennekom

My friend Wendy at a party on valentine's day in Antwerp.

Love Charlotte


Hi guys!

As you may know, CHEMININ is my official blog, with my photography (my artworks, things for school).
CHMININSPIRATION is my blog with my inspiration for the art academy, and they lay down for us on the streets, behind that corner, everywhere! So most of those pictures will be my own, otherwise I'll post the original link of it.
Tell me what you think of my inspiration and post your own:)

Love Charlotte